Hello everyone!!

I’m new to the blogging world but I thought I would give this a try and blog about my experiences volunteering for the Kalakala which is the Worlds first and only Art Deco streamline ferry.

My love for the Art Deco movement started with the artist Erte and his Alphabet and Numerical Suite, (The letter W). I saw it in an art gallery when I was with my mom in my teens. I thought it was the most beautiful “W” in the world. And with that my love for Art Deco began.

I have been a fan of the Kalakala for a very long time. I use to see it docked over by Ivars Salmon house on Lake Union. I always hoped that someone would buy it and fix her up. The only updates that I got about the Kalakala was from the news and it was never good news. The last update I had heard about her in the news was in March. It was about her sinking and taking on water.

Months later I decided to google the Kalakala and I found Kalakala.org. I was surprised to see that they were looking for volunteers to help out. I jumped at the chance and emailed Steve, the owner. It feels really good to actually be doing something to help the Kalakala instead of sitting back and reading about her in the news and hoping that she gets saved.

I have bad grammar and my writing skills are… well… it needs work but I hope that you, the reader enjoys my adventures in helping the Kalakala and hopefully you will get to experience through my blogs, the journey of getting her back onto Puget Sound.

🙂 Shawn Liu


2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Shawn,

    I posted your comment at my blogpost about the Kalakala today. Because I get a lot of bizarre comments st my site, none posted more than three days after my initial essay go up until I see them. Been way too busy to check lately, teaching and writing music:


    I wrote a piece for string quartet about the Kalakala back in 1995, when it was still enmired in Gibson Cove on Kodiak.

    Glad to see your blog on the boat. I’ve bookmarked it and will visit regularly.

    Are you related to the kung fu master by the same name?

    phil munger
    Progressive Alaska

    • I’m not related to the Kung Fu master… At least not that I know of :-). A composer huh? How long have u been writing music? It amazes me how one can write music that has different pieces for the different instruments. I will check out your link in a min. Thanks for checking out my blog! We have less than 2 months before the USCG will try to take her on Jan 1,2012. Fingers are crossed for a miracle!

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