I just got an email from Steve…

The Kalakala is up for auction tomorrow 11/9/12. It’s a silent Auction. There’s no ads for it.

The landowner placed a $4,000 lien for two months, rent and claims he has rights to sell via public auction to get his money and get rid of the Kalakala.

Steve has tried to talk to the landowner and offer to work with him in anyway, and was denied. Steve will not file an injunction.

The lawsuit against the land owner who gave the Kalakala moorage and the state will continue. Damages have been filed against the State of Washington Department of Transportation and the Washington State Ferries Div related to the losses of

Humanitarian/ Philanthropy/In-kind Contributions $306,594,575

State Historic Preservation Office $85,225,000

Steve’s damages are $87,598,450 (WSDOT) $24,350,000 SHPO.

I told Steve to email me back tomorrow to let me know what happens.