Before going to
The Kalakala, I met Steve at the near by McDonalds and he told me something that almost made me cry.

He got a notice from The United States Coast Guard stating that they will start their confiscation efforts on Jan 1 2012.

They will take the kalakala on Jan 1 2012 if she is not moved from her current site and onto a dry dock.

The city has three empty retired sites that are not being used and the Kalakala could go there but the city wont allow it. That’s such crap! I don’t understand why the city won’t help. Charge a fee and Steve will pay. It’s not like those sites are currently being used, why not let the Kalakala use it???

The USCG says the haul of the Kalakala is not in compliance but it is. Shes floating on her own, she floating better than she has in 13 years and the Coast Guard says shes floating worse??? How?? Before Steve fixed the haul she was taking in water and practically sinking!

There are also 6 holes which are not part of the haul which needs to get fixed which they will in the next couple of months. The holes are not impacting the Kalakala in any way.

We need a miracle. We need a dry dock, a place where she can stay and be worked on.

I don’t know what to do… Write a letter to Bill Gates or Paul Allen asking for dry dock money???

Jan 1 2012… Not much time. Anyone have any suggestions on how we can raise money to get her onto a dry dock?