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To some she’s just a has been ferry that once cruised the Puget Sound. Through the rust her beauty shines through. With a lot of love and time she will be reserected.

I took my boyfriend with me to help out. He didn’t have much time since he had to catch a train to Portland. We got to the site a bit early but just enough time to take a few pictures of her.

Steve Rodriguez, the owner of the Kalakala, pulled up in a white car with Kalakala.org on the side. From the very beginning he was so happy and so excited that there were two people there to help the Kalakala.

I couldnt help but smile as I stepped on board the Kalakala. Steve, the passion, love and fight he has for the Kalakala is truly inspiring. Nothing could bring Steve down or get in the way of the Kalakala. Steve stays on the Kalakala protecting her from the Coast Guard who are trying to do everything they can to tow her out and sink her. Steve is her last hope and she couldnt be in the better hands.

I only got to help out for an hour and a half But it was an honor to be helping Steve with shrink wrapping a couple windows. Even though I did very little that day, it felt really good to have done something.

I will make every best effort to go once a week to help out. The Kalakala is Steve’s last project and I will also make the Kalakala my project. She needs all the help and love she can get.