I Heart the Kalakala

I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to the Kalakala souvenir sale or not but on Friday I got myself to make the hour drive to Tacoma. I got there at almost noon and there were still quite a lot of people looking around outside as well as inside the building, trying to see what they could buy.

I read that people were waiting along the street by 7am that they started the sale an  early and sold out within the hour.

In the beginning when news had come that the Kalakala was going to be scrapped, I had hoped that I would have been able to get into contact with someone who would have let me get part of the art deco railing. Well… I saw the railings and of course, they were sold.



There were cans filled with tiny pieces of metal for $2. There were brass paper weights with the Kalakala image stamped on it for $25.

According to the Seattle PI, The owner of Salty’s purchased the wheelhouse so anyone can see it and step inside. I can still remember like it was yesterday, helping Steve shrink wrap those windows.



It was very hard for me to see the Kalakala in pieces. Knowing how hard Steve had worked, how much money and time and dedication he put  into trying to save something that was so important to him. Knowing that I had done the best I could in trying to save her.







I started to tear up at the sale, seeing people standing in line with pieces of twisted metal that once was part of a beautiful piece of history was too much. I think I spent more time crying in my car than at the sale.

At least pieces of the Kalakala are going to people’s homes where they will be cherished and not laying in some junk yard.